Is there a webshop that assembles the computer parts for me?


I recently moved from the Netherlands to the USA and it is time to purchase a computer. In the Netherlands there is a webshop that has an online PC builder. You basically start with a computer of 0€ and then you can select each individual component. The following link (in Dutch) illustrates what I mean ( ). You start with a completely empty configuration and you are then given the choice to select motherboard, case, GPU, CPU, fans etc. And the price of each component is exactly the same as when you would have purchased it individually. This way the consumer has complete freedom in component selection and the price is also very good. You only pay a single assembly fee of 50€ in the end and they will send you the complete computer system.

My question is if there is something similar in the USA. I have been googling for a while but I can't find something like this. There are shops like Cyberpower or Dell, but in these shops you begin with a basic system (less freedom). And when you change components in this basic system I have the feeling they let you pay a lot more money than the difference in price between the components if you would have bought them individually. Hopefully uou can enlighten me :)

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  1. Well, I haven't seen a shop like that but a lot of people build computers for others. You could try finding some near your area. What you would do in this case is you could contact them and discuss the parts you want in your build (or, if you're 100% sure on what you want to get, you could simply order the parts first from a website like ). Then you would order the parts from wherever you want and give them to that person to set up for you. The fee shouldn't be over the amount your Netherlands shop charges. But, to be honest, if I were you I would go ahead and build the whole thing yourself. It really isn't that complicated. I'm 13 and I built a nice gaming rig from scratch for myself about 2 months ago. Just search up some tutorials on Youtube. Also, if you choose to build it yourself, I really do recommend asking some questions on these forums. You'll get PLENTY of help and suggestions from others. Building computers is also just a nice thing to know how to do and will be very helpful if you wanted to, say, upgrade your system.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Okay thanks! Is seems like most parts are the cheapest on Amazon, is that correct?
  3. Well, the thing about Amazon is that, though some of their products may be very slightly cheaper by a few dollars, they don't ONLY sell computer parts and don't offer all the information on the parts... I really recommend either buying from or (though I prefer Newegg). They offer deals on pc parts and Newegg offers many discounts and mail-in rebates. In the end, if you choose the parts correctly Newegg/NCIX will be cheaper than Amazon. Also, though I'm not sure what it's like for NCIX, Newegg's shipping includes 3-day shipping. I'm a very impatient person so I love that they have that. One more thing is that Newegg has a much, MUCH greater selection of PC parts than Amazon as Newegg pretty much only sells PC related things. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

  4. Brasempje, make up your wish list with prices and share it with us. Maybe we can get you started. Let us how you intend to use the computer, games, video editing, business apps?

    NeutralEnergy, Newegg also sell chandeliers, vacuum cleaners, coffe pots and power tools.
    They just happen to have a spectacular selection of computer hardware and their customer service is outstanding.
    Everytime I go to Amazon, I feel like I'm at the flea market.
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