Does the 6990 card work with BF3?

Does the HD6990 card work with BF3 with the new drivers?
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  1. Yes.
    It's still a loud, expensive, pointless card, and you'd do better with two 570s if you don't have the thing yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. It will work, but it gets toasted by options costing 60% of the price ....i.e two of these:
  3. 570 are not an option for me for running 3 monitors, 1920 x 1080.. Not enough mem.
  4. How much money are you working with? 2x6950 2gb would work, and 2x6970 would work better.
  5. 1400 and below
  6. For the whole system? Do you have any parts, monitor and keyboard, OS etc?
  7. dudeguzman said:
    570 are not an option for me for running 3 monitors, 1920 x 1080.. Not enough mem.

    I thought this was an interesting article comparing GTX 580's in the 3gb and 1.5gb versions at high multi-monitor resolutions:

    "Note that when the additional memory doesn’t make a difference, it reduces performance slightly, a phenomenon already observed with the 1 GB and 2 GB versions of the Radeon HD 6950."

    "While moving up from 1 to 2 GB can be more easily justified in certain very high-end situations, it has to be said that 1.5 GB of video memory is sufficient and that there isn’t really any point in doubling this quantity of memory with higher density modules, even in SLI and surround."
  8. I have built the entire things. Whats missing are the gpu's.
    i7-2600k, Gigabye x68x-ud3 mboard, 16 gig 1833 mem, 120 ssd drive, 2 tb western digital drive, evo212 cooler, dvd drive, thermaltake grand 850 powersupply, Raf932 case and 3 23" Acer 1080p monitors.
  9. Matto, from what Ive read that extra .5 makes a big difference running 3 monitors.
  10. I just read the article you posted thank you. Man, why is there such contradicting info on these things...ugh
  11. I still think 570s would do it.
  12. You get a lot of people intuitively recommending the higher memory amounts, but the reviews generally contradict that logic. It's worth doing some research to find some data/reviews that really mirror your individual needs and intended usage.
  13. @matto17secs, if you see the 2 GB VRAM is useless, it might be beneficial later, no one can predict what the upcoming games carry, some games are more VRAM hungry all the high end AMD 7K series equipped with 2 GB of VRAM.
    check this review, numbers might not be true but i believe it goes this way....
  14. ok, so how about the 580's that come with 3gb.. Should be pretty nice with three monitors
  15. Yes they should.
  16. I know you've posted on a few of my posts. I want to make up my mind what Im getting already. Today I walked into tirger directs headquarter store in Miami to buy a pair of 6970's and they didnt have them. So I saw the 580's with 3gb and said, "hmm, that might be nice, pricer, but nice... I wander if its easier to set up 3 monitors with AMD as to nvidea?
  17. Both are easy to setup, and i have seen no complaints about nVidia 2D surround.
  18. Im looking at EVGA's classified card. 500 Series Family&sw=

    This should work nice for my setup of tri monitor with bf3. I just read this artilcle on bf3 and high end cards. Wish it showed crossfire and sli.. I havent been able to find another article on that games benchmarks after the AMD driver updates on Oct 31. Others articles showed that AMD did better on the game in crossfire mode than sli. Then I go to Toms Hardware sight and you can see the the 580's benchmarks always beat the 6970 cards. Wish they'd throw in the 6970+6990 bmarks there.
  19. I would avoid that EVGA Classified card:
    Quote: "The EVGA Classified suffers from having a substandard cooler. The standard version of the card is far too noisy both at idle and in load"
  20. You should also pay attention to this bit from HardOCP, which is, by the way, one of the most AMD-favoring review sites on the web:

    "We have harped over this before, but this game shows once again that AMD's driver support is biting it in the butt on a new game release. With not even an ETA on a new CAP for Skyrim to support CrossFireX, and no performance driver in sight, it is rather depressing for AMD GPU owners. We keep seeing this with new game launches these past few months. Rage, Deus Ex: Missing Link, even Battlefield 3 had better and working performance and SLI drivers from NVIDIA on game day launch, while AMD support was lacking."

    "With CrossFireX and SLI being based on profile support AMD cannot afford to lag this far behind on new game launches. NVIDIA simply has more support out of the gate for SLI in new games it seems. Gamers don't like to wait. When a new big title like this is released and unlocked at a certain time on a certain date, gamers are lined up waiting to play it right then and there. It matters that performance and Dual-GPU acceleration is supported when the game launches, and not days after."
  21. My keyboard got stuck.
  22. @Matto... Im no longer looking at the 6990 card, Im looking into an sli set up of 580 3gb cards in sli. Should be a winner with three monitors 1920 x 1080p
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