Quad Processor Quad SLI Motherboard?


Money is no object and I want to build a true no limits system that will last at least 5+ years for hard core gaming.

I'm thinking quad GTX 690 in SLI and quad 4-core or 6-core processors.

Does anyone make a board that will support this setup?

Can anyone make any recommendations for the fastest processors to do this with and their sockets?
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  1. Hi, I don't think (or I'm not aware of) that there's (or there will be in the next 5 years) a game requiring this hardware.
    And some related posts:
    However, there are some Ferrari, if you're tired of regular cars:
    or look for similar GPU superservers.
  2. 3970X
    3X GTX Titans
    Asrock Extreme 11
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