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Looking for help on a new gaming/editing computer build

Hey guys, looking to get a gaming desktop as my laptop is becoming a bit outdated.

Approximate Purchase Date: Within a few months..

Budget Range: up to $400

System Usage: gaming, video and image editing, surfing internet

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, graphics card
I have a GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB already, so that will be fine for a while, (just make sure it will fit in case, lol)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: any trusted, newegg, amazon, tigerdirect, etc

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: full tower case, at least 3ghz quad core, at least 6-8gb ram, motherboard with extra ram slots, also need a cheap copy of windows 7
This ram should work well, unless there is lower price or any better: Corsair Vengeance

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Additional Comments: Like stated above, want a good gaming and editing computer

Edit: changed SLI to maybe from yes
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  1. Only 400 :S
    I suggest go search in some old pc's cause , thats not much for desent editing /gaming
  2. If you want it within a few months spend that money now and get a working computer and when you can afford to buy a GPU, pick up a 6870 or 560Ti.
  3. ^+1

    SLI Capable for current cards that are in the mid-upper range (IE 560 Ti or higher) require a 750w+ and a good one is already 1/4 of your budget.

    Finding the 8800 GTS to SLI with is going to be hard as well, it has been discontinued for a while now so, you'll have to rely on the ads locally or EBAY which doesn't always spring up what you want.

    Windows is also already about 1/4-1/5 of your budget so... That's something to be aware of.

    Quick question though, are you editing ALOT or just minor editing? And are you gaming ALOT or just moderate average joe gamer kind of settings?
  4. Clarification: I have 2 of the 8800 cards to use. I also have xp to use if that lowers price. I do minor editing, heavy gaming, but i'm all about performance, not looks/quality. I can go get a better gpu later, and for when i get a newer card, I wont need sli, so I don't need the power for two new gpus, I think i'll be fine with only one of the 8800s too, if that helps you guys find parts.
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  6. Thanks. One question: would this:
    be better than the processor listed and would it be better than the graphics that I have?(geforce 8800 gtc 640mb)
  7. Not even close, mainly because you have SLI, and the 6550D is probably only as good as a GT 220, or roughly the GT 430 depending on what ram speed you use.

    So, just go with the 960T and stick with SLI, since the Extreme4 970 can sLI and the EA650 is enough for you to SLI
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  9. Thanks, I was just wondering because of potential overclocking in a couple of years..
  10. Yeah, the 960T will overclock fine, you can even try unlocking the dormant 2 cores.
  11. Modern gaming is going to require more than this.

    My advice is wait til you can build a proper good rig, its well worth it in the long run.
  12. ^ 2x8800 GTS = 1x460 that's pretty decent to run modern games. So OP will last 1-2 years on medium settings.
  13. Good to know, my laptop barely runs swtor on low... But other games are fine on low-medium
  14. aznshinobi said:
    ^ 2x8800 GTS = 1x460 that's pretty decent to run modern games. So OP will last 1-2 years on medium settings.

    Im sorry, i misunderstood. I though the OP didnt have the psu capabillities to do a sli build

    Dual gpus will give that the power to run modern games, however id be concerned about cpu bottlenecking
    I hate to see graphical power wasted by BNing
  15. 960T can handle anything up to 6950 2GB in CF or 560 Ti 1GB SLI it'll probably start bottle-necking at around 6970/570 CF/SLI.
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