Help me choose graphic card plz!~

im building a new gaming pc

my friend recommended me the XFX HD-685X-ZCFC Radeon HD 6850, which is on sale for 130 ( good deal)
but as i searched online, i found that there are two more version of xfx 6850, with the heatsink fan being red

im wondering whats difference?

and is xfx a good manufacturer that makes good quality stuff?
i was going for gigabyte 6850, but then i saw that i have to deal with rebate, which comes in a form of pre-paid credit card (def hate this kinda of rebate)

can any1 plz tell me if xfx is a good choice afterall>?

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  1. There is nothing wrong with a XFX card , they have been around for a while and they tend to make AMD/RADEON cards and a lot of variations of the same gpu. The color of the fan is just for attraction , makes it look better.
  2. Do not worry about the brand of a graphic cards so much. You can assure you get a good quality card by checking on their warranty period. The longer the period of warranty usually means that the company is confident with their product and also safe for you in case you get yourself a faulty card.
  3. ok i think i will go for 6870, is 150 for 6870 a good price?
  4. 150 dollar, pounds, euro's ?

    XFX offers lifetime warrenty in the USA, so . . .
  5. 150 USD! but after maill in rebate tho
    good buy? or better deal later?
  6. This one ; ?

    Good deal. Don't forget to send in the guarantee thing right away, it gives lifetime warrenty i believe.
  7. Btw 150 is the highest you wanne go i assume ?
  8. ya thats the one im looking at.
    what u mean by sending in the guarantee? what is that? rebate?

    150 for 6870 is good deal right?
    or u have a better suggestion ? not really gonna go over 200
  9. Don't know exactly about the guarantee, we don't have that over here, but in the USA you can send in a paper which comes with the package, you have to post it in something like 3 days time or so ( just guessing ) and than you have lifetime guarantee. :)

    Since you're building a whole new system i assume you wanne use it without upgrading for a while.
    I would push the budget just a little bit further and get somethong like this ;

    Still 150 for the 6870 is nice and it's a great card.
  10. thx for ur suggestion robjordy :D
    but i think ill pass on that...too much over my budget
    would spend the $$ on a good power supply, any suggestion?
  11. Best answer
    Wow, wait look at this ;

    I know it's above budget ( it's 199 after all the discounts ) but the difference with the 6870 is very, very great . . . You would be futureproof for a while.
  12. i know i saw this deal just few days ago...but im really on a tight budget here
    if i have the $$ i would buy the latest and fastest for every parts

    thanks for the look out ! :D
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