3820 in Rampage 4 Extreme

Hello, I just did a trial installation of the 3820 in the R4E and once I had clipped it down to check everything was ok I took the cpu out, my question is should all the pins be slightly bent? Each half of the pins is bent a certain way, should to pins still be up straight?
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  1. Sorry, you just killed your motherboard. The pins should never, ever be bent. You installed it incorrectly.
  2. Quote:
    The pins should never, ever be bent.

    That's actually wrong... if you look at the CPU socket the pins are already bent to a degree... they're bent at like a 45 degree angle for the bottom half then the top half of the pins stand straight up. How else would you ensure the pins make constant contact with a CPU? That's why when you install a CPU there is resistance and you can push down on it... that's also why there are clips that pull the CPU down into the socket. The pins are originally bent so they don't snap/break when there is a CPU installed.
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