I have just fitted a new graphics card ATI HD 6670 , performance great , now from time to time the system crashes with DISPLAY DRIVER STOPPED RESPONDING BUT HAS RECOVERED , installed latest driver with no improvement , then did google search and found it to be a common issue with ATI cards , does anyone know the fix , I am running Windows 7 - 64 bit , previous card was Nvidia GT210 , had no issues with that one , please help
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  1. Did you remove the old drivers ?
  2. Well I would say its a common thing, as I've been using ATI cards for the past 3 years and that happens every once in a while...unless its happening everyday or very frequently then its a problem.
  3. It's a common issue with both nVidia and AMD and what's more interesting that it's related to a windows bug when the drivers fail to perform properly.

    As suggested above, try sweeping all the old drivers, use the latest CCC drivers and see how it goes, it's usually gone by installing a fresh copy of Windows.
  4. What is the best way to do that , I generally just serch and update them
  5. Select your Card, OS and download the latest CCC.

    Do express uninstall of the CCC drivers before you install the newer ones.
  6. Or download driversweeper.
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