Can`t extend the display to my third monitor

Hi, benevolent sirs of the internets.

Here's my problem.

I got three (3) displays connected to my graphic card (an ATI Radeon HD 6870), My display are connected as follows: one (1) on the VGA port, one (1) on the DVI port and another one (1) in the display port using a display port to HDMI adapter.

Whenever I try to extend my display on a third one using the Catalyst Control Center (A marvel of technology, in my humble opinion...); it throws me this intricate dialog box saying the following: "To extend the desktop, a desktop or display must be disabled."

I am very happy indeed that it tries to help me, but, it really doesn't... (I don't blame it though, it's just trying to do it's job.)

So, what am I to do, to make it work?

Thanks... I really hope we can find an answer to this, really, troubling problem.
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  1. i know i have had all sorts of problems with 3 screens when 1 is VGA port, (i was using a passive mini display port to VGA adapter tho)

    what outputs does your card have?
    does it see the 3rd monitor.

    generally you will need atleast 1 display port (NATIVE) or ACTIVE display port to DVI or HDMI for it to work.

    is ur adapter an active adapter?
  2. Is it always one display that doesn't work? Or can you run with any of the two (connected in that fashion) but not a third?
  3. And I've been running three monitors - two vga only, one dvi - off of a 6870 for a while now. I use a minidp -> vga adapter that can be had for $25 at best buy.

    No issues.
  4. Not having three displays, I can only guess here, but isn't there some setting in Catalyst Control Center that needs to be set in order to enable Eyefinity (using three monitors)?

    -Wolf sends
  5. I can see the 3rd monitor, i just can't extend it. My adapter is passive so i guess i need to get an active one for it to work ?
  6. There is a separate setting for Eyefinity, yes. But you don't need to enable Eyefinity to extend windows to the 3rd monitor.

    What adapter do you have? Did you try unplugging one of the other monitors and see if the HDMI monitor works then?
  7. i don't want to use Eyefinity.for the moment i just want to extend them( i tryed eyefinity but i get the same problem). The monitor with the DP to HDMI is my main display, when i'm looking in the Screen resolution option i can extend a second monitor but when i try to do the same with the third one i got this : "Unable to save display settings.". My adapter is a DP to HDMI from StarTech. apparently this adapter is Passive.
  8. I would say it's likely the adapter- though it's worth downloading the newest drivers if you haven't done that already.
  9. Thanks guys for the help. i just placed an order on amazon for an adapter. i hope it will work fine this time :p
  10. Just for the record, in order to use three (or more) monitors from a single graphics card, you must enable Eyefinity.

    -Wolf sends
  11. Wolfshadw said:
    Just for the record, in order to use three (or more) monitors from a single graphics card, you must enable Eyefinity.

    -Wolf sends

    Nope - eyefinity is about monitor grouping. I toogle my eyefinity display group for gaming, then disable it in windows.

    With Eyefinity off, I have three separate usable screens (i.e., if I put something on the left screen and maximize it, it fills just that monitor)

    With Eyefinity on, I have what windows thinks is one big screen across three monitors. The taskbar extends across all three, and if I put a window anywhere and maximize it, it fills all three. That's how the games work.

    Eyefinity would also allow me to use two of the monitors in a group and retain one as separate, if I wanted.
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