Optiplex GX270 Compatiable Video Cards

Hi, I'm trying to figure out what would be a good upgrade for what I'm currently running. These are my specs.

Dell Opti GX270
P4, 2.8 ghz
1.7GB of RAM
Sapphire Tech Radeon 9600 series card, 256MB AGP
Windows XP Pro (SP3)
Standard Dell 250 Watt PSU

My current card does some games with no problems but others won't run at all.

I can play Crysis, STALKER series, Doom3 and other games but games like Fallout 3 just fail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. P4, 2.8 ghz
    ^Theres your first reason you cant play those games
    Upgrade cpu, mobo and gpu wise are required if you want to play those.
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