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Hey guys, I have an HP m8020n which comes with an ASUS P5LP-LE Motherboard (24.4cm x 24.4cm)

I'm looking at getting a new motherboard so I can get a new CPU and unrestricted BIOS, but I'm a bit confused about motherboard dimensions. Does the dimensions on the new motherboard I order have to match my current motherboard? Or will any motherboard fit?

I should probably just buy a new case...

EDIT: I found a case that's 24.4cm x 19.3, will the screw holes match up with my case?
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  1. Motherboards are made to some standards; ATX, micro ATX, Extended ATX, etc.

    The screw holes will match the tapped holes on the case.

    The case must be size-wise capable of accommodating the motherboard and large sized graphics cards if necessary.
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