Phenom 965BE Bottleneck?

This is my current setup:

ASUS Crosshair IV Formula
Phenom II 965BE
ATI HD 6950
8GB DDR3 1333
Corsair TX650 (will upgrade depending on my decision to crossfire)

Will the processor bottleneck running 2 6950's in crossfire you think? Right now I'm running the processor stock. I can overclock if need be, up to 4ghz. That's the max stable clock I've been able to achieve. Any input is appreciated, thanks.
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    I think not, many games are more GPU reliant then CPU reliant (except for GTA IV)
    I think the overclocked 965BE will do just fine.
  2. at stock, in some games it will, overclocked, very few games will, only example I can think of is BF3 multiplayer.

    thats with a 6990, aka 6970 cf. This is at stock. 3.7 ghz
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  4. No, you should be fine, even at stock clocks. You will have more issues with the CF than any percieved bottlenecking.
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