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Help updating BIOS

Hello everyone!

I've had the ASUS RAMPAGE IV FORMULA now for almost a year, it is a great motherboard. When i had to re-install windows a few weeks back.

Is it essential to update bios?

Can someone give me a step-by-step for updating the bios on my motherboard?

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    if it's working before and you will be using the same parts then no need to update.
    one reason to update is if the current bios does not support the new cpu (or if there are serious issues that were fixed by the new version)
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    No need to update if things were fine earlier. The updating (flashing) the BIOS procedure carries some risks (minor).
  3. updating bios needs much care and have risk, but if your system was running fine there is no need to update bios unnecessary until some error is fixed or told by any expert
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