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Ok,so I tried installing 11.10 Final I uninstalled EVERYTHING, did the usually b4 a driver update, and when it came to install it the installer doesn't open after I set the language and press install.To make matters worse I've started getting “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” Multiple times and most lead to a blue screen.I restored and now I have the 11.10 preview3 installed but it doesn't open and i have the display stopped responding error also. I can't open anything that involves use of a graphics card otherwise I would get the display error.I also installed the latest windows updates.

Edit:Also computer crashes and or blue screens with any Gpu involved thing.

Anyone got suggestions or similar problems?
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  1. Just do an express uninstall of the current CCC drivers and install the stable ones (whether it's the beta or the final release).
    Display driver issue is more related to a windows bug when the drivers fail to work properly.

    Also, make sure that you have the latest updated Win Installer, C++, .NetFrameWork.
  2. Yea I did that i made sure ALL Ati drivers where gone and end the end when i was going to install 11.10 it wouldn't let me
    it just closes after I click install.
    Just Tried uninstalling the drivers I just get a blue screen whenever I do.
  3. I uninstalled all amd products,rebooted,used driver sweepers and removed all drivers left,rebooted scanned for any drivers left,none where left,then I ran the Catalyst installer and again the same problem it closed after I click install.
    Edit:Keeps saying it didn't run corrrectly
  4. Finally got it to start installing after drive sweeping all display and amd stuff.
    Problem now is the installation hangs on "Enumerating source media for intallable packages..."

    EDIT: ok I fixed the hanging now it says Cli.implemention/Mon.implentations cannot find file specified.
  5. So, move on the hard step and do a fresh install to Windows, ensure all updates are made then install the latest CCC
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