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Graphic Card Upgrade from ATI Radeon series 200

I have an older Compaq Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, and I want to upgrade my graphic card so I can play games better, as well as get better online viewing of videos.
What would you suggest I replace it with? (Besides a new computer! :p ) It is an ATI Radeon series 200 :??: .
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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  1. Hello,
    Do you have a Radeon series 200 card in it, or do you want one of those cards in there?
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    HD6670 is the fastest card you can probably get without upgrading your PSU.
  3. The 200 series I am guessing you have an Xpress 200 series Radeon graphics card meaning you have PCI-Express so your choices are based on your budget really. You system supports all of the latest GPU's physically with the exception of your Case and PSU. (Case might not be big enough for certain GPU's and your PSU might die trying to power a good portion of them).

    Now although I did say you have PCI-Express can you give us the actual model of your system or a link to it on the internet so we can check if you have a PCI-Express x16 slot or you could look inside your system and see if you have the slot. That and I want to make sure you have a Midsize case and not something that won't fit a normal sized card or if you need a Half-sized card or not.

    (reference -> The two larger ones in this picture)
  4. This is the link that I found on my computer. If you need more info I will try and provide it. I have already upgraded the memory to the max.
    I'm an old lady, and new at all of this :??: . Thank you all so much for all the help. Waiting to hear more :) .

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  6. Thank you for all of your help. I think I will just be getting a new cpu that will handle what I would like to do. You have been very helpful. Thank you again. :)
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