Finding a PCI sound card with SPDIF?

I have a Sparkle 8400GS PCI card that has an SPDIF to sound card connect to get sound out of the DVI connector when converting it to HDMI.

I found the proper connectors for HDMI to DVI and found the actual SPDIF connector.

The problem is my motherboard has no SPDIF connector so I wish to get a PCI sound card.

The problem is when I try and look for SPDIF sound cards, I get what appears to be the glass connector spdif vs the 2-pin connector.
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    It will be tough finding a sound card with a S/PDIF out in header format. The only card I've seen with a S/PDIF header was an Audigy 2 ZS, and even then it was S/PDIF in rather than out.

    Additionally from what I can tell based upon NVidias documentation, the 8400GS's S/PDIF connector is also input rather than output. The card itself provides audio through HDMI or DVI via a built in Realtek chip that is integrated onto the card itself. All you need to do is select it under sound devices to enable it.
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