Did I just messed my desktop?

Heres the story:

I'm surfing the net and my desktop suddenly shuts down, I dont know why buy I power it on again and I can hear the fans of my desktop are spinning but it BIOS dont appear.

I opened my Desktop and saw that CPU fan is not running, I tried clean it but no luck.

Tried to fix some wiring on the cpu fan because it might be there the problem but no luck.

Then I tried to pull the cpu fan out of and tried to power on my desktop, the bios appeared and the cpu fan is spinning (after I saw the first page of bios I turned it off)

I put back the Cpu fan, and tried to fix some 'messed' cables....

after some tweaks about the cables on my desktop I finally got it on again.

I dont really know how'd I fixed it but it seems the wiring of my cpu fan is messed or the other parts on my desktop because my desktop's cable are really messed though I have mid-tower cpu case.

I'm sure that the fans of my desktop is not stopping from moving because of these 'messed' cables but I think 'messed' cables on desktop is bad. Do I need to fix this? Does pulling out the CPU fan will coz my processor burn?
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  1. [mb and cpu have thermal sensor in them if they get to hot they will shut down. most mb if the cpu fan does not spin up the mb wont power on.
  2. thanks for the answer... so my cpu is ok? what does mb mean?
  3. mb=motherboard
  4. That means your system is overheating, reapply thermal paste. BTW I want to add you on steam, hope to play with you :) Which Sekai is it? :S
  5. if you can't add me I can add you...

    on topic... should I get new cpu fan?
  6. what fan/ heatsink are you using currently, do you have a large case, you in usa? do you have proper airflow through case (fan removing heat from inside)? is there actual damage to the wires or plug?
  7. This is my case:

    I live in japan so I thin I can find a good fan
  8. Oh I have that case! If the cooler is not broken, all you need to do is clean the processor and heatsink off with at least 70% rubbing alcohol. Then, reapply thermal paste and you should be perfectly fine! Just tell me what your prof pic is :) Mine is just a muffin lol.
  9. profile pic? its an anime :D
  10. First check the temps before removing the heatsink. If it was just a fan failure, there is no need to reapply thermal paste.
  11. just wondering what is the normal temp of cpu? I have i7-2700
  12. A decent heatsink and fan will run low to mid 30's idle and mid 50's under full load given a 25c ambient temp.
  13. check the solder joint where the cpu fan header is. sometimes it can detach especially if you have heavy hands...
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    shuin_exe said:

    It should work, the difference between the 2700 and the 2700k is internal so the size would be the same. The instructions that come with that cooler are not that great. If you get it watch the video:
    or others that are available on youtube.
  15. yeah I saw this video yesterday AND it was really coincidence when I looked at my amazon... I saw this product...

    My friend recommend this so I think I will buy it when I receive my pay for this month...
  16. Well Intel's a good, quality name so you should be okay.
  17. yeah I think I will buy cheap fan for my desktop case too... or filter...
  18. shuin_exe said:
    yeah I think I will buy cheap fan for my desktop case too... or filter...

    This will give you some help with that:
  19. hahaha thanks dude you helped me alot!
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