Suggestions on an upgrade.

Right now, i currently have a amd 64 x2, an old crappy asus motherboard, a 300w psu, 4x1g of ddr2 ram, and a HD radeon 5450. I really want to upgrade but im on a budget.

I have already decided i want a micro ATX build, so i bought an apex tx-381, which is a great case, i put all my hardware into it with no problems, i slapped my 5450 in and now i play light games pretty easily. But i want better.

I need to upgrade my power supply first to at least a 400w. I then need new RAM,motherboard, and a CPU. And i'm on a $250 budget.

I already decided i would like a phenom ii x4 960t 3ghz processor, but that's it. I'm open to all other parts. Any suggestions would help

thank you.
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  1. the asrock 870 extreme 3 mobo supports up to 2133 ram has 2 pcie sockets and can make your phenom 2x4 960 into a hexacore, i know this works with that mobo and procesor as i have them and it does succesfully unlock the 2 other cores, then i would suggest the cheapest 1600mhz ddr3 ram u can find and youll be set, and dont go for a 400w becuase most cards suggest a 500w minimum and there not that expensive when ur only talking 100w differance

    870 extreme 3 r2.0 is 80$
    1600mhz 2x4 gigs 50$
    500w psu 60-70$
  2. at that budget you should probably consider an AMD A8 3850, or 3870k

    combined with a modest 6xxx graphics card you will run dual graphics , and get a decent gaming experience
  3. thanks guys, but im running a micro atx system, i will need a micro atx board. I really want to keep it that way. What brand psu should i get, the reason i asked is because im really on edge on what to buy nowadays. I also have no experience with apu's, its kinda alien territory for me.
  4. Ive installed the 870 extreme 3 r2.0 into a micro atx case without issues, and there was a hd 5670 on it aswell with more then enough room if u plan it out right most micro atx chipsets are lacking compared to atx aswell unless you spend more on a really nice micro atx board with atx features
  5. The problem for m_ATX AMD users is that there are no m-ATX motherboards using the most recent 970 and 990 series chip sets .
    You can run a phenom well in the 88g or 760 g motherboards , but the newer FX chips wont have all features enabled .

    The APU is worth considering . Its an almost identical processor core to a phenom/athlon but with a die shrink to 32 nm , and it has the graphics core in there as well .
    With fast memory and a strong graphics card it will probably out perform the 960 phenom in games .
    With some mid range AMD cards it can run a kind of crossfire saving you lots and making a decent but affordable gaming machine .
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