Issue with 8800 GT in SLI... need help

I noticed my XPS 630 wasn't running my 8800 GTs in SLI so I went to enable that feature in the nVidia software... but there isn't an option for it. Also, there is only one 8800 GT shown in the device manager.

I did remove them a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out dust bunnies, I checked and each is seated properly and the SLI cable is good.

Any idea what might be wrong? Which PCIe express slot do I use to check each card at a time to see if one of them might be bad? It's a nVidia 650i SLI mobo.

Sorry for the noobness...
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  1. Ok. I tried each card alone and the first card was fine. System booted ok. But when I tried the 2nd card (in the same PCIe slot) I got about 8 fast beeps that repeated when I powered up.

    Does that mean that card is junk? Thanks.
  2. It was 6 beeps... and the means "Video BIOS Test Failure"...

    I'm guessing that isn't repairable?
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