Cpu getting hot!!!

Hello community. So recently i discovered that my cpu gets really hot. I was playing BF3 for an hour and it got to 61C.

It's a phenom ii x4 980 3.7ghz with a antec H2o 620.
On idle its stays around 50C and on load can get up to 65C, Is this normal for an amd cpu and a water cooling setup? Btw, single fan @ 60%

I'm not sure if i should replace the cooler with something else. I have a stock amd cooler from the Sixcore and a stock cooler from the quad cores. Should i use the one from the six cores?

Thanks and if you need anymore information please let me know.
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  1. Temps are high. I would reapply thermal paste first to see if it helps. Even consider going for a push/pull setup?
  2. Check to make sure the heatsink is seated right first off all. If everything looks ok with that then I would wipe off the old thermal, clean it good and re-apply thermal paste.
  3. I just re seated and re applied thermal compound to the chip. Also a pushpull is not capable in my case, Nzxt source 210, Because my motherboard's heatsink stick up to far.
  4. Ok a couple things.

    What software program are you using to montitor the temps?

    You say you have water cooling what type of water cooling are you using? An all in one kit or a custom loop?

    Did you check to make sure the pump is working ok? It should be usually with a broken pump the temps seems to go sky high, like in the 90 degree range.
  5. Programs to monitor:
    Amd overdrive, Core temp 1.0, Speed fan [all are same within 1c mark]

    All in one kit:
    Antec H2o 620 High performance cooler.

    Pump is working: When i disable all fans for a few seconds i can hear the very subtle noise of it working.
  6. Like others have stated, sounds like an inadequate CPU/heatsink installation. Re-seat the CPU/heatsink using Arctic Silver 5 per established good procedures.

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