New Mobo/Ram/Pwr-no display

I'm fairly new to building computers and I followed the troubleshoot thread but to no avail. Power, fans, HD and DVD turn on as well as Mobo green light but no display on the monitor so I can't get into bios.

Specs from mobo manual:

So I bought 1 Corsair 4gb ddr3 ram (listed as a qualified vendor on mobo manual) as well as a new power supply - Thermaltake TR2 430W.

Like I said, everything seems good but no display. However im having trouble finding where to put my Mobo SPK cable. I assume where the F_Panel is located? Here's a pic of it...hopefully someone can tell me exactly where and how I should put it:

It's a little blurry but I already have the PWR LED, HDD and the PWR SW hooked up.

I have a feeling it's something really simple. I've tried resetting CMOS and all that but nothing.
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  1. Hi,
    The SPK cable is coming (I assume) from the case speaker.
    The board has no connector for the case speaker, so don't connect those 2 wires.
    However, the system should POST without the SPK cable connected, so the issue is elsewhere.
    How do you connect the monitor to the board (DVI to DVI, VGA to VGA)?
    Have you connected the 4-pin power cable?
  2. Vga to vga. It worked for my previous computer.
  3. Yes, the cpu 4-pin is in.
  4. It should work. Try testing the board outside the case (on its box).
    Does the DVD drive led show DVD activity when starting the board?
    I would test a different VGA cable though.
  5. Did you install ALL of the standoffs with the new MOBO?

    When I was new to building I would frequently make this mistake- only put in enough standoffs I THINK would be enough. Often you need to install every standoff to ensure there is no short on the mobo so it will start.

    Also what helps is putting some paper and tape on the standoffs (before you lay the MOBO down) to ensure there are no shorts to prevent the mobo from starting.
  6. Ya the dvd works good...keyboard lights flash once when it powers on so the USB is working. I have thought it has something to do with the monitor/cable but obviously the first thing that comes to mind is a motherboard/cpu problem.
  7. The case I have has built in ones. I had my old motherboard in this case and it worked well until it faked up (it was old).
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