ET1331g replace GSU and PSU

I have an ET1331g-03w (pretty sure about the -03w part)

2.8 mhz dual athlon
500 gb hd
6 gb ram
6150 se graphics card

Im trying to add the best new graphics card i can without bottlenecking the cpu..
I've come to the conclusion that the best choice would be the Geforce Gtx 460 or the Asus radeon hd 6770
I also fear that these cards (8.25'' long) might not even fit ?
Obviously i need a new power supply (if the card could even fit) but I'm having trouble finding one with a fan that is aimed in the right direction. Most power supplies have a fan that blows upwards and this won't work since in my box it would be blowing directly into a metal plate.

another note: I need an ATX power supply (standard size)

heres an example of a power supply that WONT work because of the fan location -- Any Corsair wont work.

an example of one that looks correct and would probably work is --- hec X-Power Pro 600 600W Continuous @ 40°C ATX12V V2.2 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply but as you can see it is out of stock..

Any suggestions about my graphics card choices (will 8.25'' even fit?) or psu suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am starting to get pretty annoyed with finding stuff that will work.

the whole point of all these upgrades is to play Diablo 3 (btw)
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  1. Well, to see if it would fit. Get a ruler, and open up the side of your case.
  2. gary1 said:
    Well, to see if it would fit. Get a ruler, and open up the side of your case.

    I've already done this and it doesn't tell me much because the graphics card isnt in my hand and i dont know how wide it would be (dual slot width). I even have pics of a ruler in my pc case if u want to see urself.. looks like it would be a pretty tight fit to me. So in summary measuring solved nothing, but i do THINK it might fit.
  3. Btw lengthwise there are no obstructions until 8.5'' , and the card is 8.25'' so thats a pretty TIGHT fit... 1/4 inch to spare? lol.. but widthwise i dono ... there might be stuff in the way might not.. in search of people who know, and who can also recommend a power supply like the one i posted

    Anyone know if this power supply would work with this gsu cus im about to chance it

    -nvm to that idea.. probly just gonna try to build a custom pc now, sick of messing with this trash ass system,
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