SATA Ports + HDD, Optical Drive, Case panel ports...

^_^ I just finished putting this gaming pc together and I'm a bit worried that I slotted the SATA cables for the HD, Optical Drive, and two case panel SATA ports incorrectly. Is there a guide/tutorial out there that might help me out on this?

O.o I was also wondering if it's okay to use the two SATA3 cables that came with the MOBO for the HDD and Optical Drive since they were both OEM and came without any cables.
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  1. Because you don't use the SSD in your PC, so you can use any SATA ports and any SATA cables for your HDD, Optical Drive. Check the link for SATA cables performance. Don't matter what kind the SATA cable.

    If you use the SSD then you need connec it to the SATAIII ports.

    And if you use the SATAIII_A0 or SATAIII_A1, then you need install the ASMedia ASM1061 driver.
  2. ^^ Thank you very much. I plugged all four of the mentioned SATAs into the four SATA3 ports. LOL... Looks like I need to change that.
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