Side panel mod & additional case fan inquiry

i have a haf 912 case and i want to mod my side panel by adding a glass/plastic plate on it
is there a site or store where i could purchase one?

also, i am planning to add an additional fan to this area

what should i use to keep it in place?

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  1. Hello aznpiggy;

    You can order a CM HAF 912 side panel with window off the CM site for $17.99.

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    It doesn't look like there is any easy solution for a top drive bay case fan option.
    You'll need to custom fabricate and solid mount a fan bracket to that area.

    Or start out with a kit and figure out how to mount it.
    Single 120mm Fan Bracket Kit
    A 92mm sized fan/bracket might work out OK too.
  3. You can use glue dots, or something that can stick the fan to that part.
  4. thanks for the help but i think i am going to just use zip ties to hold a fan in place

    WR2 said:

    i was thinking more of a side panel that looks like this

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