How long shout I run a CPU Stability test?

I got this new cpu cooler today and I just want to test its cooling capabilitys before I overclock my amd fx 6100, and Im not sure how long Im susposed to let them run. Also anyone that know a good program I can use to do this let me know.
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  1. 12-24 hours in Prime 95 is what's recommended to test for rock solid stability, but usually, if it makes it past an hour, it'll be good.

    Edit: That really only applies to overclocks, though, so if you're just testing temps at stock, 30 mins. should be good.
  2. OK, Yea Im just testing stoc setting, but thats just to be sure my temps arnt bad before I overclock
  3. OK question, Do I need to Moniter the pc the whole time? or will it shutdown before anything bad happens?
  4. It would throttle first, and then shutdown, if things get too bad, but at stock, that shouldn't happen, especially with an aftermarket cooler.
  5. ok thanks, also, my temps are expected to go to a decent temp during temps after a half hour are like 50c, that was with this other program(Idk the name, it just says "stability tester")
  6. Yeah, I'd say after 30 mins. or so, it'll be as hot as it's gonna get with any program, so you should have a good idea what you have from that. My temps in Prime stabilize after about 10 mins. actually.
  7. OK, Im gona try out prime once I finish looking for a fish tank to put my other computer in lol
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