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Hi, sorry if this is posted twice but the thread I wrote this morning seems to have vanished so think my browser screwed up. I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card, having always had NVIDIA cards was happy to stick with that and notcied on the NVIDA website a guide on building a budget pc for BF3. I'm looking for upgrading my PC for BF3 so was after a graphics card around £150: NVIDIAs recommendation was a

MSI N560GTX-M2D1GD5 GeForce GTX 560 1GB for £143

On Amazon (Only looking here for express delivery)

Asus 1GB GeForce GTX 560TI DirectCUII PCI-E Graphics Card £167

Or a

Asus nVIDIA 3D GeForce GTX 560 Direct CU II Graphics Card (1GB, DDR5, Overclocked 850Mhz) £157

Which of the three is better? I would have thought the 560GTX TI but with the 560GTX overclocked it seems a bit faster. Or would you advise against all three?

My monitor has a max 1650x1050 so I'm not after ULTRA performance at 1980 etc, just quite good graphics at 1650*1050.

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  1. Hi

    The GTX560 Ti is indeed better, it has more processing cores, which makes alot more difference compared to a slightly higher clock speed.

    The GTX560Ti is the way to go.
  2. The TI is the faster card. Worth the extra 20.

    Consider AMD cards?
  3. You'll get constant 60 FPS with the GTX 560ti at that resolution, so why not seeking ultra ?

    GTX 560Ti is 5% faster than the GTX 560, but the GTX 560Ti OCing ability is said to be great.
  4. Thanks for the advise thats great. I'm assuming I won't get full benefit of the card just yet as I'm running a Dell Studio 540 so its only got a Quad Core 2.66 Ghz processor, I'd assumed eventually I'd have to upgrade the Motherboard and porcessor to get the full benefit but I was hoping that by switching from a 9800 GT to something like the 560 GTX this would give a big jump in performance. At the moment on 1650*1050 I'm on low everything.

    Is this a correct assumption or will the processor negate any improvement from the new card? I also realised I'll have to buy a new PSU as mine is only 300W at the mo.

    I'm open to AMD if they are better for the same price?
  5. So basically you're looking for a new system. The GTX 560/560ti is a big jump from 9800 GT. The GTX 560ti>>GDDR5, less heat, less noise, DX11 support that's add a bonus to the GTX 560ti.

    So if you're building a new PC, GTX 560ti and AMD HD 6950 are high end cards have comparable performance, for the PSU you need a quality branded 500W PSU, Phenom II X4 975/980 or Intel i5 2500K for the CPUs, better open a thred in systems section for better opinions on RAM,MOBO,CPU,PSU selection.
  6. CPU isn't that bad. Dell probably prevents you from OCing however. Might want to look into one of those BSEL mods?

    Should be a big jump. I wouldn't run it on a 300W so you do need a new PSU. AMD sells its cards by offering similar performance at a cheaper price. 56

    Edit: 560 is like the 6870, while the 6950 matches up with the GTX560TI. Might want to at least check them out. Stupid laptop, presses enter when my palm is over the mousepad....
  7. CPU isn't bad, but reviews showed that there are some games that depend more on the CPU like Skyrim, so a GTX 560ti with a slower CPU might bottleneck the gaming experience, check out this
  8. Ah cheers, with Xmas coming up, I'll probably have to do the upgarde in stages. The power supply I was think of is this one:
    Corsair CMPSU-500CXV2UK Builder Series CX500V2 - 80 Plus Certified Power Supply

    Being impatient, amazon didn't have a 6950 that looked as good and I'll probably buy later for shipping to me by tomorrow.

    Does anyone know how I can monitor my FPS in BF3? I will post before and after results so if anyone is thinking of doing a similar upgrade they can see the effects before they try themselves.
  9. Cheers:-)
  10. Ok well the PSU and graphics card turned up this morning and just as i Was about to plug it all together I notcied on the ASUS box it said min 550W power supply. Hmmm well as I'd been looking at the standard GTX and NVIDIA recommended a 500W power supply, I never considered the 560 GTX Ti would be any different so I've now got a new 500W supply, meaning I'm 50W short. Bugger....

    The question is, is this really an issue? I've had a look somewhere and I think the GPU has a maximum draw of 170W, as my current system including graphics card is 300W and seems happy and I'm upgrading that by another 200W and then removing the 9800GT which probably frees up maybe 60W, then this card now has 260W available. That shouldn't cause an issue should it?

    As the PSU is from Amazon, I don't really want to send it back as that is time and hassle but I also don't want to thottle back a new graphics card by not having enough power, so any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. 1 day shipping?

    Assuming this is your PSU.

    You have 408W. -170W for the GPU, -50W for board, ram, drives, etc. -95W for the CPU leaves you with 93W to spare. You should be fine unless you have a lot more in there then a normal system. (12V water pump, CCL tubes, etc.)
  12. Yeah thats the one. Cheers, all installed fine, although ASUS could learn something about design when it comes to power cable entry points.

    Thanks to everyone who responded, have gone from all low settings to High on everything and what looks good frames rates, will post an update later. I appears to have some small odd graphical issue, not sure what is causing it but if it carries on will start a new topic to see if anyone can help.
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