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I am looking to upgrade my desktop case from a cooler master elite 335 to something with better air cooling capacity.
The case needs to be able to fit asus z68 deluxe gen 3 with noctua d14 cooler and 1 gtx 680 (maybe a 2nd in the future).
i am looking for something semi quiet and within a 100-250$ price range.
thanks in advance for you imput :)
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    Oh easy. Wait do you want a big tower(full tower) or you want a Mid tower?

    I'll just list a few, you pick em....

    Ok now...... out of the cases i have listed, these are the reason's i have plucked them from the rest of the market.....

    They all have plenty of Airflow, with some giving better temps than others.
    Full towers should always be a consideration if its in the budget and placement space is sufficient in your desk or such.

    I highly recommend the trooper... I went from a Cooler Master Storm enforcer, to the CM Storm Trooper and temps and space have made much difference. I just got my Windowed side panel the other day and the color blue LED kit and this build looks great in this case. If your in the market for a Mid tower, either the 600T or the 650D are cases to consider. To be honest, for Mid towers i think corsair wins the battle. Since they make so many variants. So i have placed multiple options out on the table for you... All you gotta do is decide which one you like. And they are all well within your price range
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!
    I am now debating on the corsair 650D or the CM storm trooper.
    Now weighting the pros and cons for each and hopefully will decide today.
    Thanks for your great advice :)
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  4. No Problem, you you need further Assistance PM me and i'll help you fix it. Or just ask the community!

    Thank You!
  5. I went with the CM stormtrooper :)
    Seems like the best fit for my needs.
    Thanks again!
  6. Good choice, that case will support 4 way you ever decide to. That case is big enough to work on the inside of it when you install stuff.! good choice! better than the 650.

    Come Back again if you have questions
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