New system with Corsair memory errors

I am building a new system using the Corsair memory above(2x4gb) on a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 board with an AMD FX-6 6200. It's currently running with all the AUTO functions enabled in the BIOS which run the memory @ 1333/1.5v. The board spec is rated @ 1.5v for the memory and up 2000 OC for frequency. (If I manually enter the multiplier I can run @ 1600 using AUTO voltage control). When testing either individual sticks or as a pair they fail on test 7 of memtest giving almost unlimited errors for this test. I haven't enough knowledge of memtest errors to know what to do with this result. I haven't loaded the operating system yet so can't update the BIOS or run CPUZ. Could both sticks be faulty, or is there a motherboard / CPU problem? Any suggestions please...
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  1. Do the RAMs fail the memory test at default settings in BIOS?
  2. yes, I made sure the BIOS settings were all default. I have been researching test 7 failures with Memtest86, and it seems a bit of a problem for quite a lot of people. It is possible there's a problem with Memtest86 itself for some systems.
  3. Hard to say what's wrong.
    Corsair does not list compatible RAMs for the board:
    Usually, it is not recommended to update the BIOS, but in your case, if there's a newer version available, it might worth trying it.
    You can also try a different memory testing program.
  4. Sorted! I downloaded Memtest86+ ( version 4.2 and all sticks now pass
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