How much power do I need?

My first post here. Kinda nervous. Soon, I will be getting enough money to build my first computer. I've been reading quite a while and I think I've narrowed down on what I like but I still don't feel comfortable enough to choose a power supply. I'll keep upgrading it as time passes, but this is what I'm looking at for now.

Also, since this is my very first time attempting to build a computer, any other suggestions are very welcome! :)

Thanks everyone.
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  1. I'm sorry... What?, your getting a Killa CPu but a GTX 550 ti? dude thats the bottom of the barrel right now for GPU's... if you want a good card without spending more than that... get either a 7750/7770 or a GTX 460.... Honestly... i can find a deal for you on Ebay for a better card than the GTX 550 ti if youd like but if you wanna go according to plan... i'd say a good 600-650 watt power supply with everything you've thrown here..
  2. Thanks for the reply. As I said, it's the first time I'm attempting to put something together. I wanted to come and ask questions here before I actually did it haha.

    So what exactly should I be looking for when choosing a GPU?
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