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No RAID access on Sabertooth z77 ???

I have a 500g SSD as a boot drive, and 4 1t HDs. I want to have two raid 0 drives. I changed the SATA in the BIOS to RAID, rebooted and accessed the RAID screen (ctrl+I). I got the drives set up correctly there, but when I boot Win7, the drives do not show up. I tried deleting the RAID and setting up through Disk Manager, but had no success with that. I have my tried 4 HDs installed on the black ports, and I have tried 2 HDs in the black ports and 2 in the brown ports.

It seems to set up OK, but I cannot access the drives in Windows. I was thinking about trying a cheap controller card (these seem to be either under $50 or over $300 for a good one). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Did you install the Intel raid driver for windows?
  2. You don't have to install the intel RST if you run the win7.

    But you have to initialize the disk before disk manager can access it. When do this you need to chioce to MBP or GPT, after that you need to format it too before the raid0 will show up.
  3. Thank you for the replies - this forum rocks!

    After basically starting over... I loaded defaults and set up my 4 HDs using the BIOS/RAID utility for the 2-two disk RAID 1's. Then after boot up, disk manager showed a disk 0 and disk 1.

    I assumed these were the two RAID'ed deives I set up, so I initialized them each as a new simple volume. So I now have my two drives, but they dont show as mirrored in diskmanager (overhead 50%). So even though my two "mirrored" drives are recognized by Win7, how do I know if they are actually mirrored?
  4. Oh, and I did install the Intel and other drivers from the disc :)
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    If you install the intel RST software, when you open it then it will show the raid is 0 or 1. If you go to the disk management, the drive is 1TB means it is raid1. Also you can rename the drive name to Raid0 or Raid1 something like that.
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  7. Right on - it does show them mirrored. THANK YOU!!! :D
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