Install windows 7, reboots continuously when restarting

Hi everyone.

I am running the following build:
AsRock Extreme3 Z77 LGA 1155 motherboard
8gb ram
520w seasonic psu
500gb Western Digital Black HDD
i3-2120 sandy bridge

I try installing windows 7. It restarts then completes installation completely. It restarts one last time then hangs at the splash screen for the bios for about 3 seconds, reboots automatically, then reboots again in a loop. I have disassembled the entire computer, went over every basic step I could think of and it still doesnt work. I've RMA'd the HDD, so it rules out that. Any ideas to what this problem could be?

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  1. Hi, What is the setting SATA in BIOS, AHCI or IDE?
    Are you installing from USB or DVD?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I believe the setting is ACHI. I am installing from DVD.
  3. I also tried installing with a known working psu, yet it still does not work.
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    Try setting SATA to IDE and install again. See if still the same.
    What SATA ports are the HDD and the DVD drive connected?
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  6. Turns out it was a bad OS. Burned another copy of Windows 7, works flawlessly. Thanks anyway alexoiu.
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