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HD 6850 vs HD 6870

Hey Guyz, I was wondering, if was 2 spend some serious dough on getting new card , would it be better 2 get an HD 6870 than an HD 6850??

I mean, does 6870 really give the bang for its buck as opposed to 6850??
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  1. no . . but for the same 6870 you can get gtx 560 wich a good bang for the buck
  2. 6870 is better than 6850 & as suggested above get the gtx 560
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    On newegg, the 6870 is ~$20 cheaper than the 560

    Here is a chart to compare reference 6850 vs 6870

    I have a 1680x1050 monitor and just recently made the same decision and figured I might as well buy the best graphics card I can afford. I got the reference XFX 6870 for $150 after rebate.
  4. Is ur 6870 1gb or 2gb?
  5. He said the GTX 560, not the GTX 560 Ti. Still more expensive but not nearly to the same degree.
    2gb on an HD6870 is mostly pointless unless you will be crossfiring and using Eyefinity or a 2560x1600 monitor.
    As for HD6850 vs HD6870 the HD6870 is 20% on average. Whether that is worth the extra money is up to you.
  6. yea, the whole ti/no-ti thing is really confusing. Especially since most people mean the 560Ti when they say 560. Also, it doesn't help that whenever I try to find reviews on the 560 I only ever get reviews for the 560Ti and they call it a 560.

    I got the 1Gb version since I can only run up to 1080p if I plugged it into my HDTV. Currently I'm on a 1680x1050 monitor.
  7. The GTX 560(non-Ti) is basically equal to the HD6870 in performance. If you want one here's a review with a ton of benchmarks including a nice summary chart at the end;
    The card in the review is OCed but it includes numbers for reference speed in all the benchmarks.
  8. I think 6870 will suit me better,, thx for all ur inputs
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