I own a xfx 6790. I was watching 6-7 nos of youtube videos.. on separate tabs.. after sometime excessive sounds came out of the CPU.. like somthing speedy has started to happen..(amy be processor / gfx card sound?) and all of a sudden.. the pc hangs and restars with a blue screen..
This happens whenever i browse more videos.. on the same go..
its a new new pc.. 1 month old.. any help?


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  1. You said the PC hangs and restarts with a bluescreen? The title of your post says you are getting a display driver stopped working error. Are you getting this error before the bluescreen?

    Do you have the latest drivers for your GPU? Also what are your temps like?
  2. yea i get dsiplay driver stopped working.. after 1 min .. pc hangs and restars then n there.. i have latest drivers. TEMPS varies from 47 to 60 degree centi
  3. Ok, your temps look fine. Sometimes the driver stopped responding error will happen when the GPU is overheating.

    I would uninstall the graphics driver you are using and reboot.

    Then download the latest driver and do a fresh install (of the driver)

    Post back once you have tried that
  4. ok will do that, thanks
  5. No Problem. Hopefully that will solve it for you.

    Post back once you have done that.
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