Overscan option missing (ATI CCC)


I've just updated my ATI CCC drivers to the latest version. I have a 32" full HD LG TV connected with DVI:HDMI @1080p. (Just the 1 display). Every other iteration of CCC has allowed me to use a slight overscan to fill the whole screen, however I can't find any option for it now. Have they removed it or is it really hidden? I did have a search that suggested it was hidden in the desktop/flat panel properties menu and to click the little right triangle - Not fruitful for me - That just gives me rotate or identify.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
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  1. Nevermind, it came back by itself, But I don't think I'm going crazy, I'm certain it wasn't there and then just appeared, (I looked with and without 'Enable GPU Scaling' ticked).
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