Cheap Prebuilt, will upgrade

I have quite a few best buy gift cards from the holidays and am looking at this prebuilt.

I plan on upgrading the powersupply to 500w and putting a Radeon 6850 in it immediatley. Will this be able to run Star Wars: The Old Republic on high settings with 40-50+ FPS after I've added the videocard? Thats the main thing I need it to do. Thanks.
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    Looks like it, with 4x aa to boot. The 2120 shouldn't be much of a bottleneck. You can find benchmarks out there, but I'll save you the trouble, it's more than enough.
  2. Wouldn't hurt to go for a 6950 instead. SWTOR is very graphics intensive.
  3. Thanks for the info about the graphics card. But I will be fine with that i3 processor right? I don't plan on having anything other than a web browser or maybe ventrillo open while I run the game.
  4. Yes, you will be fine. Its faster than my E8400 and I do way more than that while I game and I never, ever have a slow down.

    Usually have a few browsers open, each with several tabs, steam, and Yahoo IM... XD
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