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Graphics Card for Q8400

Hello ^^
I'd like some advice in choosing a new GPU for my system. My desktop is quite out-of-date, but I can't afford to get a new one yet. Recently I became interested in playing Skyrim, and I realized that my current GPU, 9500 GT, wouldn't be able to handle it.
So any advice for choosing an adequate GPU for my current system would be much appreciated!

CPU: Intel C2Q @2.66GHz Q8400
Ram: 3.00GB
PSU:500W (not sure about the name, came with Sonata III 500 case)

Also, if it's possible, I'd like a GPU that doesn't require me to change my PSU.

Thanks in advance!
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    A 5770 pulls about 100 watts. That would work nicely.

    Something like a 6850 pulling about 125 watts should work, but you will need 2 PCIe power connectors.
  2. Thank you for the reply.

    After doing some additional research based on your recommendation, I've decided to go with 6850.

    I spent all my free time looking up different opinions/statistics...:P
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