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I bought this AMD CPU from Newegg, so I'm not able to return it:

Here are my PC specs, so that I don't have to type it all out:

I upgraded to an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 Ti GPU. And this is the power supply I upgraded to:

I am 100% certain that this cpu keeps failing on me. I bought it once, kept crashing, so I sent it back for a replacement. Turn the new one on for a while, and it fails too. I called my technician & told him the situation, and the first thing he said was that my motherboard might not be able to handle it. This cpu's TDP is 95W, and my mobo's TDP limit is 95W. Assuming that I did NOT get a defective product twice in a row, I am considering that I may need to get a mobo with a higher TDP max. But I talked to an associate at Best Buy, and he is suggesting that my power supply may not be sufficient enough for this cpu. He suggested that I should get a psu with at least 80+ Bronze certification, and apparently the psu I bought does not have bronze. Who is right, and what must I do?

Edit: Apparently, Newegg will not even let me exchange this damn thing. In any case, would it be safe for me to try one of AMD's Deneb quad-cores? Those also have minimum 95W TDP, so I'm afraid I'll have the same problem, if the motherboard is the issue.
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    I am going out on a limb and going to say that its the motherboard limitation. Stick with the Thuban or go with the Phenom II x4 975 or cheaper 965 BE.

    For a motherboard look at;

    ASUS M489GTD 890GX

    or for future proofing if you want to move over to Zambezi or the to come Piledriver

    Gigabyte 970A UD3

    Both are $100 or so boards.
  2. I dont think your mobo has dual plane power so doesnt actually support that CPU

    +1 on the Gbyte board Sarinade linked or if you can afford get the 990xa-ud3 version
  3. According to the HP link you provided, that supports the Thuban 6 core processors.
    Have you looked for a bios update?

    edit - at least contact HP and see what they say.
  4. Ok, so I'm interested in the Gigabyte motherboard. But, and I'm sorry for being a lazy n00b...will I be able to fit all my current parts on this board without any compatibility/functionality issues? And more importantly, what is the max TDP of the cpu socket in this board?
  5. You will be able to use those components on this motherboard, you haven't mentioned RAM yet but if it is DDR3 then it will be supported.

    It is a standard ATX board so you also need a case that supports a ATX form factor.
  6. My case is mid-size atx, and my original mobo is uATX, will I be able to fit the Gigabyte mobo in this case?
  7. I am assuming by mid size atx you are refering to your standard atx motherboards, as UATX and MATX are different, on that premise, yes the Gigabyte board is a standard ATX board and will fit, it is the maximum size you can fit in the chassis.
  8. Well, when I said mid size atx, I was referring to the type and/or size of the case.
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  10. Ok, so I went ahead and tried the 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply, just to make sure the psu was not the issue. Sadly, it was not the solution. So a new motherboard it must be. But now I have another problem. The Gigabyte mobo suggested earlier will not fit in my current case. My current mobo is square at 9.6" x 9.6" , and there is very little space between it and the other parts. And the Gigabyte mobo is 12" x 9.6" . So now I have 2 options: buy a new case for the Gigabyte mobo, or look for a new mobo with the same dimensions as my original. Could someone please point me in the rigt direction for a new square mobo? Also, I need to make sure the new mobo has 125W TDP.

    Finally, if possible, I would like future-proofing for PCIe 3.0 GPUs. So, some suggestions for motherboards with PCIe 3.0 slots please?
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