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Hello everyone,

So, I've purchased everything I need for a new gaming rig and it'll be arriving in a few days. The advice I'm looking for is in regards to what to do after I put it together and boot it up for the first time.

My question is about SSD, I have 128g crucial M4, I've never had an SSD and I've read that there are some things to do to improve performance. So I'm wondering if anyone has a reliable guide that describes these improvements/tweaks. On the SSD I'm planning to put the OS, wow and Skyrim and have a HDD for storage

Thanks in advance,

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  1. It's a decent guide, though I'd recommend moving your temp, temporary, user files, and internet cache off the SSD. These are all sources of runaway growth and write thrashing. There are guides out there that'll walk you through them, the user folders are by far the worst, but unless you feel like giving up 15-20GB (after 2 years my user folder is 18.8GB, glad I moved it now) of game saves and local variable settings I'd still suggest wading through it.

    edit: Don't try to just copy/paste your User Folders... seriously. Find a guide, as it involves using symbolic links, which can be a real pain, but it's the only way.
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