Will this upgrade will be useful! ?

I'm making one budget/cheap configuration for these purposes :Gaming(not an hardcore gamer),photo and video editing,3d modelling and other basic purposes...
my current configuration core 2 duo e7500,asus p5g41t-mlx 3,4gb ddr 3 1333 mhz ram,gt 240 gddr 3
my new configuration will be
Phenom 2 960T(i'll overclock)
asus m5a78l-mlx
12 gb ddr3 ram(8+4)
Radeon HD 6870 1 gb or 560 gtx

and what PSU I must use? and in what way this 4 core processor will be better than my old one
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  1. Just add the 6870 and overclock your current cpu.
  2. Quote:
    The 6870 is the strongest out of the 2 you have chosen.
    The Zosma 960T is a nice cpu and will handle your surrounding hardware nicely.
    For a psu i would suggest a decent 650watt psu.
    One of these:

    Antec Earthwatts Green 650w
    Corsair TX650w
    XFX Core Edition 650w
    PC Power and Cooling Silencer MKIII 600w

    Find all these great PSU's here:

    Thank you and I first thought I must use a 750w PSU.
  3. Heck even a 400w can power it!
  4. amuffin said:
    Just add the 6870 and overclock your current cpu.

    My pc is 2 years old and my psu sucks and i guess it'll bottleneck so instead I'm making a new configuration..and if i upgrade my gc and after few months i have to ask money again from my mom for an upgrade and she'll bitch at me...and in future after 2 years i can upgrade my pc on my own money so i'll stick to phenom 2 now
  5. Quote:
    Yes i like to give folk some breathing room however...

    mmhmm ok!
  6. Quote:
    No need for an upgrade yet mate.
    Your Phenom is still good enough for the best games out there.

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