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OK so I am new to the whole computer build. I have been doing research and wanting to build me a good computer. So far i have the NZXT Phantom case, Intel I5 3570K Ivy bridge, Asus rock Z77 Extreme -4. I'm stuck on which graphics card i should get. its between the Radeon 7850 2 GB or the Radeon 7870 2 GB. which do you think will be best and also i have no idea about what ram to get, i want something that's gonna be really good. thanks
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  1. For the games PC, get the HD7870 2GB and the 8GB RAM (2X4GB) 1600MHz Cl9 RAM or if you can find the good deal get the 16GB(2X8GB) kit. Becasue you have the i5-3570K, mose likely you will have the cpu cooler, so get the low profile RAM.
    8GB RAM.,3148-21.html
  2. is there a difference between the 2x8GB and a 4x4BG?
  3. There is no big difference, but I will say 2X8GB is better. Becasue the kit will use less power and put less stress on the MB.
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