Help choosing a new Graphics card

Hi guys,

Im in the market for a new graphics card, I could actually do with a new PC but money is a tad tight for what I want right now ;)

Anyway, my current system consists of:

AMD Athlon II x4 620 2.6GHZ
9800 GT
Windows & 64bit Home premium
550w power

I would really have liked to get a pair of budget cards but I only have 1 pcie slot :(, so ill be looking for the best I can get for around £120. Ive been looking at a 2gb gts450 but Im open to suggestions! thanks
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  1. for £120 you can get gtx 460
    or 5770 if it the gtx 460 is expensive for you
    any way do NOT get gts450
  2. Whats wrong with gts 450?
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