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Hello all. I have been reading much on this site to help me with previous builds but I am currently stumped. I have decided to do a new build since my old build is running about 4 years. Here are the parts I have within the new build

case: Thermaltake Chaser MK-I full tower
Mobo: Gigabyte Z68 AP-D3
CPU: Intel core i7-2600k LGA1155
Corsair H60 Liquid cooling system
Ultra 1000w PSU
NVidia GTX 560
Corsair 4gb Ram x 4
Seagate 750gb HDD

When I start up the computer, I face one of three problems:

1. Computer boots to Windows Start screen and stalls
2. Computer boots to Windows Start screen, then continues to a black screen and stalls once again,
3. Computer boots to Windows Start screen, then shuts off after the load.

Here is what I have tried so far:

Replaced GFX card with a lower end card in my old build - no difference noticed
replaced New HDD with old HDD - no difference noticed
Originally had corsair 650w power supply but upgraded to 1000w - still no difference noted from this move
The Windows 7 disc that I have was burned for me by a friend and It successfully installed windows 7 on my previous build. I thought maybe this was the cause so I borrowed a new windows 7 cd from a friend (not burned, original cd) and still no change noted.

I followed all the suggestions posted on the help section of this website i.e. ensuring mobo standoffs were placed correctly and ensuring the mobo was clear of loose screws or debris. I have also applied thermal paste between the cpu and the cooler. I have tried running with one stick of ram and even changing the rams position on the mobo. I have tried unplugging a few peripherals but the problem persisted.

I have been trouble shooting this build for over 3 weeks now and the only things I can come up with are faulty cpu or faulty mobo. I appreciate any help or advice that anyone can offer me, I just wanna get this new build up and running.
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  1. Your symptoms sound like an unstable overclock. I'd also look into the HDD and RAM, but you've already done that... try going into the BIOS and resetting to defaults?
  2. What do you mean, "stalls"? Does the computer shut down or just sit there?
    Sounds like your cooler is not cooling. Doesn't take long for that CPU to heat up!
  3. Just tried cmos reset and bios reset but the problem still persists. By stall i guess i mean "hangs." The screen will just get stuck at the windows loading and will not move from there. If it does move to the next screen, the computer will shut off before anything pops up. I rechecked the cooling system and it seemed fine to me, the cpu was running at 22 C. I will try to replace it with the stock fans and see if there is any change. If not, I am back to square one, clueless.
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