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While I was playing a game, my computer shut off and will not turn back on. When I push the power button nothing happens. I did however notice that the L.E.D. light on my mobo is still on for south bridge power. Could this still be my PSU or something else. I've always had what seemed to be decent temps for my cpu and video card but it has been a little warmer where I live. The cpu never got over 56C. I usually got to 51C with prime 95. Using a cooler master hyper 212+. After it died I felt the case where the psu fan is, and it was pretty hot. There was no smell or smoke or fire. Thank you for any help.

AMD 955 3.2ghz OC'd to 3.8ghz
ASUS M3A76 mobo
ATI hd6850
520W PSU (which might be somewhat low for the video card)
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  1. PSU/mobo two obvious culprits,from what you say I would try another PSU (Cheapest option and heat a clue!). Meanwhile remove the graphics card, Hdd, and hook up to the onboard GPU and see if it will boot to BIOS
  2. Tried what you said and nothing still. I'm almost certain its the PSU might pick one up tomorrow to try out. Thanks for the response. I'll update when I figure it out.
  3. so i replaced the psu today with a thermaltake 600w. got it hooked up and all and now I cant get a picture. I took the video card out and hooked the dvi cable straight to the mobo and it worked. having the video card hooked up i can hear the computer make its boot sounds when windows opens. Is my new psu not good enough or did i maybe fry my video card? when i have it hooked up the vodeo card fan still runs. I actually think it is the video card now. I just put my old one back in and it booted up fine. only had it since january. :(
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    Should be able to claim a new one if it's only a couple of months old. Claim for a new PSU as well on the grounds that the GPU blew it... Don't ask, don't get!
  5. Im hoping I can get a replacement. Im afraid to mention the psu goin out if they might say it was the psu's fault the video card blew. Plus I already got the psu so I'll cross my fingers for a new card.
  6. Makes sense. Just hope the GPU didn't damage the mobo, you only have the one PCIE slot!
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