Thermal ceiling, help before my cpu melts

Hello, i have a AMD FX-8120 Zambezi Eight-Core Desktop processor, im trying to figure out what the thermal ceiling is for this line, im worried that my CPU is running too hot( its a stock cooler (tho i have a aftermarket on standby to switch out, i just didnt know what i was doing, my first build and it looked very intimidating) i've seached online and found NOTHING plz help before my computer blows up XD
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  1. Well what are the temperature?
  2. 40c-50c idel, and 50c-64c- underload.... its heating my entire room! so at least i know my case is getting a good amount of the heat out, but it still has me worried
  3. im not overclocking or anything either, case is COOLER MASTER HAF X RC-942 if that helps give you any idea
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    The max temp for the fx-8150 is 61C, but it can handle up to 70C!
  5. try using some high quality thermal paste and aftermarket cooler...but your computer will not blow up :D
  6. O.o sooo what your saying is, i should man up and put that aftermarket sink on even if i dont know what the hell im doing
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