NZXT Sentry 2 Fan Controller LED Fan noise???

Hi my name is Preston and today I received my NZXT Touch Sentry 2 5.1/4" Bay Fan controller. Anyways I hooked it up correctly all fans can be controlled. but I have a problem with some LED fans and a slim Scythe fan. So basically here's what happens. if I connect any LED fan the LED's they uhh make a wierd noise. It is definitely the LED's. Also i tried to connect my Scythe Slipstream 120mm Slim Fan but it made a clicking noise and would not even turn on. Did I justa get a bad product or what? Also how the heck do you read the 5 temperature sensors i have no idea :P.

So to sum it all LED fans are making a weird noise. Especially CM-Sicklefow 120mm Blue LED. All my fans are blue LEd I only have 2 140mm CM essentials and Cm-Sickleflow plus I'm using the Stock fan that came with my 430 case.

As for the Scythe Problem well It makes a clicking noise and doesn't spin. And when I connect it to my PSU directly via 3pin to 4 pin it makes a Low buzzing noise and rattles the case...

overall a great fan controller but won't work with half my Fans. well it works but the fans LEDs are noisy. I thought that's what fan controllers were for... noise reducers.... Thank you answering :)

Thanx for your time... BTW I really need this answered.

(And if anyone owns this same controller how do I view my temperature sensor's readings? all 5 of them?
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  1. The temperature sensors are tied to the fans as I remember, because they are designed to be placed on a component near a fan for auto control. So you push on the numbers.

    The fan controller may be bad. It can only push 10W per fan, and i am.not sure how much power the led ones need. The Slipstream clearly seems to be a bad fan.

    Honestly, I used this with 80mm fans in my old case, where you'd think noise would matter... it just wasn't worth the hassle. its a rats nest of wires, the temp probes wouldnt stick to anything, its not at a level where you can read it without getting on the floor, the board temp sensors are fine for most things anyway, After about a year the panel stopped working, and I mean I barely ever touched it. Then it started randomly setting off.its alarm and stopping fans till I lost it and tore it out. Hopefully you fair better with it.

    I was much happier with them just plugged into the board. Now I have 3 230mm fans and 4 140mm fans and its just not loud enough to even bother using the cases built in fan controllers. My rambling point is I don't see the need for fan contollers for me personally. They are just a hassle. If you do.... well this one would be nice if it worked, but seems you're already off on the wrong foot :/
  2. Well when U plugged them into PSU or mobo I didn't get either of those problems. Now I have thw fan controller and actually my PC is kind of quiet cause I only have the 140mm LED fan with a cougar CF-V12H and also have 3 Rosewill RcA 1024BK and the scythe fan. And it's pretty quiet. I'm running all fans at 40% except the front 140 that is at 100% so its pretty quoet atm with 6 case fan. I just want to use My LeD fans :( oh well Ill just sel em :P
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