How to Bypass Cap on RAM?

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Not really sure if this is the right place to put this, and if it's not please redirect me to where I can put this, however I have a Dell OptiPlex GX620 that has 4 RAM slots in it, and it only supports a max of 4GB. Right now, I have two 2GB sticks, and if I try to place in any more it will get to the Windows boot up logo, then just stop and restart. I know it detects the RAM because it sees it in Bios. I've heard of BIOS modifications and/or motherboard modifications to bypass the cap and I'm just wondering how I would do that.

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  1. If the cap is four the cap is four. You can go to Dell support and look for a bios update but don't expect one
  2. Buy a new motherboard that supports more memory.
  3. I'd have to agree. Unless you want to take the chance of hosing your system just get a new m/b and Ram. If you want to try and mod it to work and don't care if you take out your bios, try searching some forums that deal directly with your board.

    You can usually pay to have a custom flash created to allow for more RAM directly from the board maker, but that's usually more than just buying a new board.
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