Cant map a network drive

Hi there

I've got a problem at work.

A program is installed on our server, and I run it on my pc by mapping a network drive to the server's hard drive.
I'm sure you all know this procedure.

Anyway, I can access the shared drive on the server from my pc, browse, create and delete files on the server, all fine.
But, when I try to map the drive, it says:

"Windows cannot find 'WEaXA.EXe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."

And its only on my pc this happens, on all the other pcs its working fine. And from my pc I can map any other shared folder/drive.

Please help?

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  1. this is related to a virus/malware infection, I would notify your IT administrator and/or helpdesk of this issue, you will need to be decontaminated or reimaged
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