Can you crossfire two different cards

I am building a home flight simulator and I need to be able to support 4 monitros. 2 monitors will be for display and 2 will be for small things like a gps and a small instrument pannel. can i crossfire a 6970 with a 5870. Then use the 6970 for the 2 main monitors, and the 5870 for the 2 minor monitors.
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  1. you can't crossfire them. They can be used to support 2 seperate monitors but in gaming and such you'd only be able to use 2 screens at a time.
  2. Yup, i agree with samuelspark.

    You can't crosfire 6970 and 5870. For crossfire, you should have same 6970 or 5870, same memory amount and same memory interface (with no restriction to the card maker i.e sapphire 6970 1 GB 256 Bit with xfx 6970 1 GB 256 Bit will work. But other than that, don't try it).
  3. 1+. Check the chart from here. Only the yellow and blue area are compatible for crossfire.

  4. there you go
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