New gpu 6950 vs 560 ti decision

Looking for a new GPU I have narrowed my choices down to these cards:

ASUS EAH6950 DirectCU II OR MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II ~ 230 Euro (Twin Frozr III would be 250 and not available right now...)

MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr OR ASUS ENGTX560 Ti DCII ~ 200 Euro

The Twin Frozr II seems to be the best 560 choice at the moment, not necessarily in pure performance but with a very convincing complete package, low price, low power consumption, little noise and heat and still competetive and some OC room. Although the Asus 560 seems to be almost on equal footing and is even less noisy.
I have also seen a lot of advocates for both the HAWK and Twin Frozr III model, how large is the performance difference really going to be? I do care about the noise, the additional power consumption and the price - which will be circa 20-25 euro more for the HAWK and 30-40 for the Twin Frozr III.

As far as the 6950s go I really feel good about the ASUS model, however I am worried that my sound card will not fit anymore with the massive 3 slot cooler (my board is the ASrock Z68 Pro 3 Gen3). Also I just cant evaluate if the MSI cards will be better, especially the Twin Frozr II which costs about the same.

If you have an outstanding other model to recommend, please do so!
Thank you very much for reading, I hope you will be able to help me come to a final decision.
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  1. hi

    if you buy 6950 you will get a little bit more perfomance then 560ti but you will not get phsx

    2nd thing new games require physx like batman arkham city

    3rd thing you are investing so much so should buy that product that gives you all features and perfomance

    gtx560ti is the best my frnd have it he was also in confusion in which you are ri8 now he buy gtx 560ti and he is very happy now
  2. phsyx is not in 1% of the games... and you dont even can use it properly if you dont have a dedicated card for that... so I recommend you the 6950
  3. Buy the ATi card if you want all the newly released games to run like crap.
  4. Looking for an informed, ideally helpful response.

    Not really interested all that much in useless fanboy drivel.
  5. What I posted was the truth, and you'll see I've owned dozens of ATi cards if you trawl through the 5000 some-odd post's I've made on these forums since 02
  6. Ok the 6950 is the better card but almost 100 more dollars in this case. You can find the 560Ti for right at 200 and the 6950's i just looked at are around 300. I am a fan somewhat of the 560 TI but it is not the performance king between these two. Drivers seem to be a little better or faster on upkeep from Nvidia but ATI gets there eventually... There is not a set in stone answer for you. You will be happy either way if you are gaming at 1900*1080 both will max or get close to maxing most current games.

    Sorry my money comparison was in US dollars
  7. GeneticWeapon said:
    What I posted was the truth, and you'll see I've owned dozens of ATi cards if you trawl through the 5000 some-odd post's I've made on these forums since 02

    Between the 560 and the 6950 though, why would it perform worse?

    I am not that much of a PC gamer. The next games I am going to play are Skyrim, The Old Republic and Diablo 3. So I think I should be fine either way but with a little overclocking I cant see the 6950 perform worse than the 560.

    thently, no problem! In Europe the pricing is a little different though, the prices you see in my post amount to about a 40 Dollar difference, give or take.

    In the end I will probably go with the better deal, I am expecting prices for both the current 560 Ti's and the 6950s to drop once the new, faster 560 Ti are released.
    What I really want to know is how both 6950 models stack against each other and the 560 models (+ the HAWK and the Twin Frozr III instead of II). Or if there is a much better model available that I have not found.
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