Sapphire VaporX 5770 or Gigabyte SOC 5770

Hi, i'm given the choice to choose between Sapphire VaporX 5770 and Gigabyte SOC 5770.
Which is better?
Please do not suggest other cards out of these 2.
Thanks a lot.
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  1. It would depend on how much the cards are priced, if the same or similar the GIGABYTE 5770 SOC has a higher factory overclock 900MHz vs 860MHz of the Sapphire VaporX. FYI standard core clock is 850MHz.
  2. Gigabyte SOC 5770 is best in these 2
    but i want to ask a question why are you buying this get evga gtx 550ti not much more in money with these 2 but perfomance is better then these 2???
  3. My friend intend to give either 1 to me. So i'm choosing.
    Heard that gigabyte soc 5770 doesn't overclock as well as vapor x 5770(apart from factory overclocked) and the fan is nosier. Is that true?
    Any owners comment?
  4. sapphire cards could get difficult to Oc. many dont support the standard utilities to increase voltage, relyng on their own trix s/w., which has limited card support. sapphire also uses custom parts, pcb and bios.

    i would say get the gigabyte version.
  5. i got gigabyte soc 5770 dont really overclock my gpu
    i gets pretty loud during gaming but i dont hear any of it with my speakers on
    dont think it gets silent enough during idle mode but im kind of picky
    and overclocking shouldnt get you any noticeable increase in performance...
    if i were u id get the most silent one (biggest fan)
    they gigabyte one should do the job pretty well
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