No power going into computer? Will not start!!

So i started building my PC today and did an external build to see if everything works, when finished i powered it up and got 1 beep along with 5 short beeps (i think) so i powered it off and checked cables due to CPU fan not working when i turned it on, after i went to power it on again and there was nothing what so ever apart from the fans moving for 1 second. Was wondering what is the problem? ive tried taking apart and put together again 10 times and nothing is working? once i short the power to turn on the fans move, if i try again i have to disconnect the plug and put back in to get some more movement????????????????
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  1. When you built it externally did you have it on carpet or something? Depending what surface it was you may have shorted out your mobo. Aside from that do you have any spare parts you can swap in to test the components? Have you tried reseating all the cables?
  2. Tried reseating, and was build on the mobo box which was on a wooden table? if it did short out does this destroy it entirely?
  3. If it was on a box on a table you should be fine. Did you have an anti-static wrist strap on? There is a chance you can short it out with a static shock if you didn't disperse the charge before starting the build. I don't feel this is the cause of your issue but if you did short out the mobo you will need a new one.

    What brand/model is your mobo? Do you know what bios it has? Try googling the string of beeps you have with your model (example- '1 beep 5 short beeps asus fgje-345' {completely made up model fyi}) and see what you find
  4. i kept touching the back of my case to keep grounding myself, and it was working thats the thing :( model is asus p8h67-m Pro
  5. Find out what version of BIOS you have on the board and check out this website
  6. ^ Very difficualt, if can not turn ON.

    Are you using the IGP or a dedicated GPU?

    Check that the HSF is properly attached to the CPU, if it is not then the CPU will thjermally shut down very fast..
    On table.
    Do a bare bones setup - One stick of ram, NO HDD, NO DVD Drive, NO GPU, NO MOUSE, . Connect Keyboard and the MB hdmi to monitor. See if it will turn on and if you can get to the Bios screen.

    Added. IT is winter time and LOW relative humidity, Just periodically touching a case is not good enough. If no wrist strap, the case should be grounded and you will need to keep one hand on the case. If the Power Supply is installed in the case (MB on table) then if the Powersupply is plugged in then the case will be grounded.

    Also, if you touch a painted surface, you have created a capacitor and will NOT discharge unless you "arc" thru the paint. Def of a capacitor - two conductors (you and the case) seperated by an insulator, the paint.
  7. It's not that difficule chief, just google the board and find out what bios come with it from the factory.

    but ya, try what he said first
  8. So do you think i have fried the Mobo, CPU, Gpu?? al worth £300 and i will not get a RMA on them :'(
  9. MB do not always ship with the latest bios. Depending on how long it has set on the self, the bios coud be a couple of versions older than on shipped after the latest version has been published.
  10. Unstandable but you can still do some research on what you think it has and work from there
  11. Im using a evga 560 GPU... RetiredChief whats the chance of destroying a whole system due to static discharge?
  12. Lazer I wouldn't worry about that, you covered your bases so I doubt that is the issue it's just a good thing to rule out right away
  13. What is the relative humidity in your house?
    Yesterday my house was sitting at 39%, had to break out the old humidifier LOL

    From 35->30% is NOT good, below 30% can be deadly.
    From an ESD standpoint below 35%, you do not even have to touch a component as the electrial magnetic field can damage a component just by puting your pinky real close.
    Voltage buildups up to 500V are not noticable normally, and bear in mind Your ram operates at 1.5V

    I work on a 20 million dollar satellite Instrument, the Electronics are all encased, But if we come within 1 meter of the Instrument we have to wear a ground strap - OVERkill, but just to show the importance of it.
    MY computer at home does not even come close - But I treat it as if it were!

    Your chances, all that I can say is it is there.

    As I indicated try the method I indicated, remove your 560 and just use one stick of Ram.
    If no power on, then it is most likely the PSU (probably not from ESD damage), or the CPU/MB which could have been damaged due to ESD.
  14. RIGHT PROBLEM FOUND! PSU is dead, did the green cable thing and it did exactly the same thing! Just works for 0.5seconds and straight off again... this is the problem ive been fighting with all day and i hope its the only problem!
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